When I first began working with Janelle, I was in a desperate place. Having recently been diagnosed with a neurological pain condition that my doctors wanted to medicate, I was struggling to identify how I might be able to combat the disorder in a non-invasive, natural way. Janelle was not dissuaded by my condition. With professionalism, thoughtfulness, and encouragement, she came alongside me and brought direction and structure to what had initially been a hopeless experience. Our weekly meetings were essential to the process and, with her guidance and support, I was able to quickly and successfully cut both sugar and gluten from my diet. Because of her expertise in the field of nutrition, I learned how to integrate the principles of an anti-inflammatory diet into my daily life—a change that has not only had a dramatic impact on my condition, but on my overall health and well-being as well. Through her sensitive coaching approach, Janelle was also able to support me in identifying other areas in my life that needed to be addressed. Instead of focusing solely on the condition I’d come to her with, she treated me as a whole person and helped to spark more changes in me than I’d anticipated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Melissa Coley  |  Health Coaching Client

Just for you Janelle !! 11 yr old could read every ingredient!

Seriously, though.....you really are an inspiration and wealth of knowledge.

Stephanie Tucker  |  Burpee lover

I followed your advice this week about eating the right carbs and protein leading up to the dreaded "day before rest day workout". I felt the difference and wasn't dragging through Pump on Thurs. I even had energy and contemplated a workout Friday but forced myself to rest.  Where were you when I was training for my half??

 Stephanie Tucker  |  Burpee lover  

Enjoy your classes SO MUCH! Love your strength, precision, & motivation! One word. Perfect.    


Aurelia Leliugaite   |  GRIT participant

Thanks for your support Janelle❤️. You inspire me.


Vickie Kuan

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