Living healthy doesn't have to be stressful.

Eat.  Live.  Thrive.

I help you make simple shifts in food & lifestyle choices so you can live every day with less stress, more energy, and more happiness.
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Chrohn's Disease Health Coach Nutrition Trainer

Meet Janelle

Hi!  I'm Janelle.  I'm a Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor who's here to help you have the healthy life you've always wanted without all the added stress of getting there.  
I believe we are all in charge of our own health and happiness.  Life's too short to feel overwhelmed, tired, anxious, unfulfilled, and uncomfortable in our own skin.
I would love to empower you to use real food to heal and fuel your body and make new lifestyle choices that lead you to your best health.
Whether it's simply to have more energy every day or to reclaim your life back from a chronic illness, I'm excited to help you achieve all your wellness goals.
I can't wait to help you take control of your health so you can live your best day, every day​​!

Frederick, MD

McHenry, MD

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